Creating New Platform for Chinese Language Education and Promoting the people-to-people Exchange of

2020/11/25 9:25:52

      On November 25, the unveiling ceremony of Hainan Chinese Education Base was held at University of Sanya. Zhu Yuhua, director of the Second Office of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the United Front Work Department of the CPC Hainan Provincial Committee, and Dong Lihua, vice minister of the United Front Work Department of the CPC Sanya Municipal Committee and director of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, Prof. Nie Peiyao, vice president of USY attended the ceremony.


     Prof. Nie Peiyao, delivered a speech on the ceremony, expressing warm welcome and sincere gratitude to the United Front Work Department of the CPC Hainan Provincial Committee and the United Front Work Department of the CPC Sanya Municipal Committee. Prof. Nie also briefly introduced the achievements of USY in expanding Chinese education exchanges with Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries in recent years. He said, the unveiling ceremony of the Chinese education base marks the beginning of a new journey in the work of Chinese education in USY. USY will continuously strengthen, promote the comprehensive and all-round development of the Chinese Language Education Base.

      Zhu Yuhua shared with us about the overall situation and future planning of Chinese language education in Hainan Province, and she read out the approval document of  the establishment of the Hainan Chinese Language Education Base in USY. Hainan is a well-known hometown of overseas Chinese in China, with more than 3.9 million Qiong overseas Chinese living in more than 50 countries and regions. This year, two Chinese Language Education Base and one Chinese Language Education Practice Base have been established in three universities, including USY. To carry out Chinese language education in the future, Ms. Zhu Yuhua emphasized that efforts should be made in two-way exchanges. On the one hand, we should vigorously send more excellent Chinese teachers to overseas Chinese schools, on the other hand, we will invite more students from all over the world, especially students of Chinese Origin to study in Hainan.

     The unveiling ceremony also shared a special video, which is a collection of congratulations from representatives of Chinese institutions overseas. Mr. Huang Dexin, and Mr. Huang Yinhua, president and executive president of the Chinese Federation of Indonesia, executive chairman, Mr. Cai Changjie, chairman of the Jakarta Chinese Language Education Coordinating Agency, Professor Guo Fuliang, dean of Confucius Institute of Pahang University. Chen Mianqing, president of Raffles Group in Indonesia, and Mr. Wu canguang, vice president of Asian Institute of International Friendship. Besides, leaders of Chinese educational institutions, such as Zhang Tianrang, president of Beipei School in Thailand, and Ms. Li Juechen, the teacher representative have also sent congratulatory messages.

      They said that as the beneficiaries of Chinese language education exchanges with USY, they placed great expectation on the development of the Chinese Language Education Base.


     Yuan Yang, the teacher representative, and Xie Yushan, the student representative of the School of Humanities and Communication, shared their experiences in Chinese language education. As one of 23 students who remained in the front line of Chinese education in Indonesia and Thailand during the epidemic, Xie Yushan described in her speech how they overcame their psychological fears and difficulties in life and honed their deeds for the cause of Chinese education.

     At the unveiling ceremony, leaders of provincial and municipal Overseas Chinese Offices and USY also presented prizes and honorary certificates to 23 interns who insisted on teaching overseas during the epidemic and 11 Chinese education interns who currently insisted on online teaching.